Never Enough

You shine brighter than any sun

You are what every girl dreams of

When they think of falling in love

I do not dare make a move on you

I know that I will lose

To those girl who actually deserve you

The ones who look perfect no matter what they do

I see the way you look me in the eyes

Like I am just one of the guys

It sucks because you give me butterflies

I lie awake every night

Wondering what I can do to catch your eye

Should I lose twenty pounds

Become a lighter shade of brown

If I did all this would you give me a chance

How about just one glance

I want to be the girl of your dreams

Who can make you laugh uncontrollably

Oh boy wouldn’t that be one hell of a feat

I can see it now so vividly

But at last that will never be

For I am forever categorized

As just one of the guys


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