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Candy Now

Letter to My Young Self

Candy now, play and smile,

Cry, lie and deny being tired,

Sleep, fight and pretend to be a man,

Do all these things now that you can.

A little while from now

You will really be a man

You will start to love women

From that moment 'til the end.

You’ll rely on my many women,

One of them will be your mom

So, do not make her worried

When it is time to move on.

Never lie if not necessary,

Never mind unreturned love,

Don’t ignore your parent’s advice

And never bet on a dice.

Always try to be precise

And believe in you and I.

Believe in me, yourself

Since no one knows you more

I’m the one that can make you happy

Doesn’t matter if you’re poor.

Being rich isn’t necessary

But love you can’t lack

And since words are power

don’t say things you can’t take back.

When you grow up you must be cautious

Watch your weight, be money conscious

and don’t be obnoxious with anybody

Not even if you get to be somebody.

If you’ve tried, tried and failed,

try again if you can stand

Since the people that have fallen

are less likely to fall again.

Never Dream if you can accomplish it

And don’t ever be afraid

Since all things come for a reason

And success comes from faith.

Now you play being grown,

Don’t be so desperate to grow up

later on, you will be missing

Playing around and slacking off,

So, candy now, play and smile

cry, Lie and deny being tired

Sleep, fight and pretend to be a man

Do all these things now that you can.

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Andy Rosario
Andy Rosario

Call me "L.an.D"  Artist/a, Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Writer, Poet/a, Spanish/English speaker, from Dominican Republic, Live/Love California. LARS student. Please Donate for a bigger cause. Follow Instagram l.an.d.official.

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