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Candy Man - Dean Corll

A look into the life of an American serial killer.

I remember how much I loved to

work at the candy shop,

I had a sweet-tooth.

Not just for candies but for the

temptations that drove me crazy.

My mother taught me to be a good boy,

well-mannered and honourably

discharged from the army.

I asked them nicely to join me

in my lonesome apartment,

it was right above the shop.

Something about their young bodies

drove my sexual temptations.

They didn’t understand my ways of

showing love.

“Don’t be afraid boy,” I say.

“Won’t take too long.”

Their sweaty bodies against mine,

as I relax the tense muscles.

Digging a hole takes too long,

it has to be the right size.

The bloodstains take forever

to come out.

I got to go back, I have

another friend waiting to

play with me.

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Annaah Malik
Annaah Malik

I have always come across as a creative person whether it was drawing, singing or writing. However, I always kept my work to myself until I finished highschool and realized that I want people to finally be part of it and enjoy my work. 

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Candy Man - Dean Corll
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