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Cancer came in..

Cancer came in and changed my life forever 

For the worse not for the better

I may be stronger 

I may be wiser 

I may be kinder 

I may be a fighter 

But I still lost it all 

I still felt the fall 

I lost it all. 

She fought an uphill battle 

Everyday a struggle 

Never a cease fire 

But she never tired 

She loved me 

For the things I couldn't see 

My lil sis 

The girl I miss 

She was a light 

She was bright 

She is now my compass and my anchor 

And I the sailor 

She is not gone eternally 

Not really 

Our body's may die 

But our souls will always be alive

In that I know I'm never alone

That is one thing that has been shown 

She is simply out of reach 

There is a breach 

I know it is not forever 

We won't always be severed 

But for now I miss we 

I hate being just me 

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