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Can't Make Someone Love You

It's a waste of time. It’s better to have nobody than someone who is half there, or who doesn’t want to be there. — Angelina Jolie

You mustn’t have to

Make them want you

They must want you themselves

— Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur 

Broken glass formed

into snow flakes and angels

but they can't form a loving


Rain can't wash away 

the guilt, pain, and pictures

even if I delete them 

a thousand times

I taste bitter coffee

on my lips when you 

tell "I'm sorry it has 

to end like this."

I regret rushing into 

your arms like a child 

looking for its golden 

sippy cup. 

Kissing you one last time

to feel the spark like 

the first kiss on your couch 

The way your hand caressed 

my face, warm with kindness 

when your lips hit mine 

You can't erase the hurt 

that eases in like every 

fruit  I slowly consume.

So let me know its not 

a waste of time to hold 

on too a key you'll never 

use again

The pain isn't easy to 

hide behind a broken 

mirror unless you decide

to look inside 

I can't make you love me,

I can't make you feel what 

I do that you don't 

as the moon sets into the 

ocean breeze

I can't make you say it 

or push it back into the 

beautiful sun when you 

ask for space 

I pushed you away 

but you broke me 

like a record that continues

to play over and over

I still love you,

as water fills the tanks,

empty letters 

and my final poem 

about marriage 

I lost the ring in a sea

of seaweed were mermaids 

lay and treasure is seeked.

Yet, money can't buy everything.

I held your hand and you held 


I ask for second chance 

too take things slower 

but you need more space 

like a waste of time

My clock is ticking 

and anger raising,

yet my anger doesn't 


I'm the hot chocolate 

and you're the tea.

I suppose we no longer mix 

in this broken relationship.

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Can't Make Someone Love You
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