Paris Baravalle
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It is a gentle breeze...

It is a gentle breeze

flowing through a young girl's hair.

       It is the relaxed silence

       of a day spent alone.

              It is an airy breath

              escaping through parted lips,

                     It is the soft smile

                     of a mind at ease.

It beckons to the busy mind

with a finish line in sight,

       It caresses the hyper-aware

       as they stare into the void.

              It soothes the adventurous soul

              with its feet on solid ground,

                    It consoles the mourning

                    as they accept their fate.

It is the moment of fickle clarity

that humanity seeks to harvest,

the blessing that trumpets passive indifference,

the stroke of luck that balances nature's scales.

                    A new Utopia.

It is the symphony that sounds

over the desperation of the human race;

It is rooted in the natural world,

reaching out to bothered souls.

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