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A Poem About Reaching Out to Someone

There’s something at work here

That I don’t understand

None of this was planned

It’s like two souls calling to meet.

But what if that’s just me?

What if it’s just my soul

Yelling out into the distance for someone to hold

Yours is deaf, unhearing

Or perhaps it listened, but it’s just not caring.

I feel electricity, everything moves so fast

When we speak this huge universe seems less vast

It must be a small world

Or how can I make sense of it all?

How do I explain this feeling?

It was so easy to fall

In a small world coincidence could be a thing.

But out of everyone I had the chance to meet

What does the universe do?

It sends me to you

It splits my heart in to two.

Because at times I’m so certain of a connection

Yet I’m also so afraid of rejection

So, to the man

Who was never in my plan

My soul is calling, answer if you can.

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L.A Perrin
L.A Perrin

I'm a 22 year old student, from the south west. My writing tends to reflect the thoughts of myself and other young people around me about the experiences we have had in the contemporary university culture.

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