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Cafe Girl: Part 2

Short Story

Okay. If you read my last story, then you know I’m a big fan of real love and happily ever after. Yes, I’m that person and have no shame with hoping one day for that fairy tale love. I know it won’t be all peaches and cream but doesn’t mean I can’t have hope. Anyway, so last week, as usual, I was at my favorite café reading some poetry. After the reading, I went to the bathroom and a mysterious stranger decided to leave a sweet note on my laptop (sorry, I’m not telling you what it said. You will have to read what happened last week to find out 😊).

So, it’s another Tuesday and I’m sitting in my usual seat at the café waiting to read my poetry. I constantly keep looking around hoping the person who left me the note would somehow appear. But how would I know? I don’t even know what they look like. I snapped out of thought when I heard clapping. I guess I didn’t hear myself being introduced. I smiled, walking to the stage, a little nervous.

What would our story be?

What would be the legacy we leave for our grandchildren?

What would be the lesson our kids would teach to their kids?

The future may seem far away,

But it’s around the corner,

With every twist and turn the present makes.

What story will we leave behind?

I will not write the story without you,

I will not write a single word about us without you. 

Whether you know it or not,

without you I don't know how to live.

After years of me and you, you and me,

I can't finish the story without you.

So again, I ask you,

What story will we leave behind?  

The clapping began as I walked off stage back to my seat finishing my iced latte. I stayed for another hour writing, listening to others perform poetry. I started to pack up at 4 since I had another class at 4:30. As I went to the front to pay for my food and drink, the cashier stopped me.

“Don’t worry. It's already been taken care of.” He smiled and handed me a note, I was confused but took the note and walked outside.

The note read:

OUR story will be the fairy tale you always wanted, lunch is on me today cafe girl,

P.S. sorry if that sounds creepy, it sounded much more romantic and cool in my head. Okay, I think I embarrassed myself enough LOL, so until next time. 

Yours truly,

A friend

The note made Layla laugh and smile. It was like she was living her own romance movie, hopeful for the happily ever after. 

Monee Myers
Monee Myers


College student 

English major: concentration in print journalism 

Writing is something I loved since I was in the 8th grade. I love to express myself in my writing.

I enjoy writing, and I hope you will find enjoyment in my writing as well. 

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