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By, Buy, Bye

Life: The Acceptance

I Want My Life Back By: Mia Lynn


The acceptance


The Unknowing. Fools.

Media garden Tools.

Generational bliss.

The cheek to cheek. Superficial kiss.

The fulfilling diet.

The perfected denial of choice.

It happened for, A reason

What reason?

Oh, oh oh

That Reason

Don’t buy it Try it!

Send it back, for whatelse?

A full refund Silly goose

Lol No


Oh, oh, oh

Crying rivers

Flooded with


See a clock

And it ticks by, buy, bye

The Author


To buy What story?

Oh, oh, oh

That factual unchecked

Media driven story

Then bye

Who are No

Were you?

We are those unknowing fools

Stricken knowingly by

Last generation's tarnished

Golden rules

Taken at large

Who got taken?

No You don’t say!

Buy media

In the end it is


The Unknowing Fools

Buy Whatever shiny things have

Then Bye

What it is,

Possibly worth something

Realistically worth

Only what is relative

Infinitely degenerative

Wishing for immortality

Buying into serenity

But getting the Royale White Glove

You’re just Not

Good Enough

Who’s next?

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By, Buy, Bye
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