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Written Winter 2018

My Original Art

the monarch butterflies in my stomach have migrated for the winter

fluttering about and keeping me warm

while distance keeps us apart

but only for a few more days.

i am going to kiss you,


baby - we are magnets.

baby, our love is magnificent.

i love how you melt whenever i call you baby.

i am on fire,

i burn for you,

i too melt.

i would move the colorado mountains for you.

i cannot wait to be in your arms,

lips locked in public,

in the crowded airport.



you inspire me to be better.

but not in a way that i depend on you for it,

or that my life would be empty without you,

but- my god- i am so happy you are in it.

baby. you. it’s been you and neither of us knew when we first met,

which makes this all so much more fascinating.

i was so afraid to tell you i loved you,

but i am absolutely ecstatic that i did,

and now i can’t stop.

Kolyah Shoni
Kolyah Shoni

I also go by Trey.I'm 25, queer, Jewish, a Leo with an Aries moon, singer/songwriter/spoken word artist/musician/visual artist...whatever, what have you. Pronouns are he/him/his. I'm looking forward to sharing my work and thoughts with you.

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