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Bumper Cars

Is this all it will ever be?

We are two bumper cars

the closer we get 

the further I feel myself 

being pushed away.  

And the waxing and waning 

of this ride

is becoming more bumpy 

each time around.  

I truly believed

that this time

would be different.

In the early morning hours

I dream of laying close to you

in a grassy field 

on a breezy spring night

as we stargaze 

under a clear sky

where we hold our hopes and dreams

off the tip of a crescent moon.

Our hands interlocked 

as we steal kisses 

under the moonlight.  

But then I wake up and realize 

my mind was painting a beautiful picture

and nothing more.

And no matter how hard I wish

upon the first star I see at night

reality remains the same.  

Hold me and tell me I'm wrong

Hold me and tell me you feel it too

Hold me and tell me 

we are not destined

to remain two bumper cars

forever getting closer and drifting apart

until we never drift back together


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Bumper Cars
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