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I'm not bulletproof yet

but I'm gonna be.

I have to rebuild

after what you did to me.

It's quite a long process

it's not easy even a bit.

But I'm doing this for me

I can't afford to quit.

There will come a day I'm sure

Your absence won't cut me like a knife.

Until then I'm learning a new way to live my life.

I gave it all to you before 

but that won't work for me, not now.

I've decided to become someone

who's never backing down.

You should have been the one

to place a crown upon my head.

So I'm taking yours away from you

I'll give it to myself instead.

You always put yourself before us

I shouldn't want you to come back.

But today when I thought of you

a little piece of my heart cracked.

It hurt like hell but I don't care,

it's just one more reminder to beware

of the promises of men

and the words they cannot keep,

the words I do not want to hear,

words I cannot believe.

And it's all because of you, 

and the wounds you left in me.

I'm not bulletproof quite yet

but I'll get there someday.

And the memories that haunt me

will simply fade away.

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