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Bucket List

A Poem

From dreamstime

A piece of paper she found in his desk.

A wish for this, a hope for that.

A single tear ran down her face.

For she knew he couldn’t finish the race.

This was his bucket list, for all he would miss.

His bucket list dreaming of that and this.

She held the paper close to her heart.

In some ways keeping him where he would never depart.

She went through the items one by one.

On top of the list was to win the battle begun.

She walked in the door, his paper in hand.

With news given to her, she could no longer stand.

She held onto his bucket list of all he would never do.

How could he be gone, one so kind, gentle, and true.

Through the years she crossed each item off one by one.

She never quit until each dream was done.

This was his bucket list, through it she learned to live.

His bucket list to her was his to give.

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Bucket List
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