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Bruised and Battered

What’s next?

Stop bullying 

Laying on the curb where you left my motionless body you beat me down 

because I was different now I sit here all bloody wishing I was the same as every one else like the preppy popular kids having fun an hanging out but you don’t but me in that class you put me in the freak show 

because I’m different with all the other none popular kids an it’s sad to think I wish I was like you but you tore me down an you said I was a nerd you busted my nose Then the blood flows with my own blood an you laugh 

because I’m sitting in the corner with my nose bloody one day I will be the one you wish you could of been friends with 

because I have dreams more bigger than you an a bottle of booze an drugs or cigarettes you beat me up like some old rug that you have to clean every week but you don’t see that one day I’ll be the better person while you lay on the curb like you left me all bruised and battered you don’t have to go home an see your mom cry when I show up with blood all over your shirt with a black eye an with cuts on my face and she begs and pleads to tell me who did this 

I don’t say a word but a tear rolls down my face an I write my feelings away and 

I close them in a note book with tear drops on the page day one of the loser is the tittle with my name on it with your name strewing there my head like a car on the high way an you laugh every time you cause me pain 

I tell you to stop but you never do you just keep swinging for the fences like your in a baseball game trying to score a home run then everything turns fuzzy it’s night time an I recover an walk home beaten down like a piece of meat one day dreaming to be the one kid you shouldn’t of beat on like last weeks old news so I can say you shaped me into what not to become a BULLY 

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Bruised and Battered
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