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A Poem

A long time ago

They took a brother from his home

told him

that it's his time to go

To a new land

Where riches

Are for whites alone

Now it's time to work

For 400 long years

but the times now have changed

Or have they I hear?

When the ghettoisation

of the black nation

Has reached a new escalation

Of intoxication.

You're told 

you get payed now

so things are much better

But how is it that these colonial countries

Are richer than ever

The debts of our ancestors still leads to your profits

Well we're working a 50 hour week

Just so some rich guy can sleep

And it's a stark, dark, reality

That seems to have given me clarity

In which my families riches and gold

Sit on your mantlepiece and wait to be sold

The torment and pain that you made them suffer

Now sit in your chair and don't you dare stutter

Own up to your actions

The shit that you've done

The genocides, slavery the human life trade

Is there no deep burning flame

Is there no heart wrenching

A sickening pain

Or are you ok?

Do you not feel that shame?

So When you sit down in parliament

The white house or senate

Remember the blood

That's been spilled for those relics

The people lost for what we call democracy

Well mate

 that sounds like a mockery

It seems like a joke 

that this could really be real

But this is no joke it's solid as steel

It's been burned on our hearts and chests

The ones that care about the rest

But you'll never care you couldn't care less

Until we come to your chair

When we come to your house

When we're standing in front of you

Brazen and ready

As the king once said

Hold your sword steady

But your time will come

I swear that's the truth

And while we wait

Our eyes are on you

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