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Broken Record

The key to hope lies in the very playlist of life.

It’s funny how a song can bring you back.

Back to where it first began

The moments, the memories, they are a guiding force in our life to keep us on track.

But somewhere along the way, we lose that rhythm, that harmony, the song that made us who we are.

A disconnect exists somewhere in this life.

What once was a tune of love and admiration for our brothers and sisters has turned into

a quarrel that has divided every single one of us.

You see for a song to exist, we must be able to see the different parts working together.

One note alone can’t carry the song until the end of time.

The melody must go on and it must start within our hearts.

Lubdub, Lubdub, Lubdub

It’s a sound heard in the cavity of your chest nearly 120,000 times a day.

Every heartbeat providing your body the nutrients it needs to survive.

With each beat it brings smiles, laughter, and pain.

How ironic that the very thing that is meant to keep us alive also fuels our brain, which at our weakest can deceive us.

Deception, how clever an enemy.

Acting like our friend, until we’re left with no end.

Growing inside of us like a raging fire burning to be let out.

Somewhere along the where we’ve lost the hope to fight the enemy.

We’ve lost the song, the memories, the moments, the rhythm.

The truth is, I wanna be that song.

I wanna be the rhythm you’ve never felt

The chills that gravitate up your spine when the right notes are hit.

The lyrics that tell our story.

I wanna be that song

But right now I’m just a broken record searching for the right thing to say. 

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Broken Record
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