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Broken Promises

No More Tears

You are the darkness I’m constantly running from.

You are the nightmare in my dreams.

You are the crack that slowly shattered my heart into pieces.

You are my world.

You are my kids world.

You are my weakness.

You were my everything...

You took everything even when I had nothing left to give.

You took every ounce of love left in my body.

You made me believe I had a purpose.

You made me believe one day I would feel love.

An always forgiving, always affectionate, always hopeful and positive love.

You promised me that love.

You promised me it would be unending and unconditional.

You promised me forever.

You promised me your best you.

You promised me no more pain.

... no more tears.

-Faucet Face.

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Hannah Duvalle
Hannah Duvalle

Mom of two beautiful monsters, 6 & 8yrs old

Manager & Co-Owner of 

Canal Street Tattoo 

-Ellenville, NY.

Empath to an extreme. 

Advocate for mental health awareness. 🖤

PTSD - Bipolar1 - Anxiety 🤯

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Broken Promises
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