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Broken Promises

Promises Are Made to Be Broken

you promised

and like a fool I believed

you gave me love

and like a fool I accepted

you fed me comfort

and like a fool I trusted

I handed you the gun and turned around

hoping and praying you wouldn't shoot

and you said you couldn't

and you didn't

no, you didn't shoot me

instead, you turned me around

and you showed me love

and understanding

and acceptance

and you kissed me

you filled me with bliss

let me float above the clouds

and I loved you back

I tried to give you the same

I tried to make you feel the way I felt

but I failed

and I turned my back to you again

to hide the shame on my face

to hide the feeling of failure in my eyes

but you embraced me

you spoke sweet nothings to me

whispered beautiful silence to me

My Love

My Heart

My One and Only

you opened me up again

and made me face you

only to raise the gun to my face

and empty the clip into my head

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Broken Promises
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