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Rest easy, Ouma.

If heaven had a telephone, I would call.

Just to hear your voice, one last time.

I watched as my heart broke

The day I found out I would never hear you say my name again

I spent my life dreading this day

I was always jumpy and afraid

I was scared that you won't be here to watch me grow up

And I am shattered, but I my thoughts were a true reflection of the future

I will not use rhythm on this one 

But grandma, this is a poem for you

The day I woke up in the middle of the night to your painful moans 

That was the day I knew that if I lost you I would die

And I did.

I might be here physically, my emotional being left with you.

I don't wanna say rest in peace because you lived your  life with love and peace 

I will wait till the day I can see you again

In the meantime, I will soak this pillow of my mine in tears every night.

I have  tried with all my might 

But nothing feels alright anymore

By these words, rest easy, beautiful flower.

Blossom upon me.

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