Felicia Morrow
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Without you...

Did you not see? 

What you did to me?

You broke my heart 

And set it free

Now I'm nothing but your


Do you think about me at night 

While you lay in bed

Or while she goes down to 

Give you head 

What do you do?

When she lays next to you

Do you lie and tell her

You love her too?

It was all a game 

You liked to play

What could I have done

To make you stay

I lost my love

I lost the fight 

I lost the will

To live my life 

No one will ever compare to you

No one will ever make me feel

the way you do

What happened between us two

I always tried so hard

To make you smile

I wish you would have stayed

At least for a while

But two weeks have gone by

And you are with another 

I hope you can tell the truth to

Your mother 

when people ask you 

I hope you say 

You are the one that 

wanted it this way

I didn't do it

I didn't break your heart

You never even played the part

It was only me

I was the only one

I was holding your heart

While you were holding the gun

All I was

Was a short time of fun

You made me realize 

When it was all too late

That I had chosen the wrong path

That led to the

Ultimate heart break

It's never too late 

You know 

To come back and make it right

I just wanna be with you

Just hold me through the night

I can forgive you 

Just like I always do

Come back to me please

It is you I need 

I love you

And you know it's true 

No one can ever love you 

The way I do

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