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The Effect of You

I'm no one special. 

I have brown hair and brown eyes. 

Pretty generic right? 

I always try to keep a smile on my face 

Because I fear the alternative.

I'm afraid of falling 

I never seem to stick to anything. 

I start many different races 

But I've never seen the finish line. 

Then you smiled at me 

And despite my best efforts

You stuck. 

I can't quit you 

And I'm not scared of falling

Because you catch me every time. 

You walk beside me in my races

And even if I still don't finish

You're still there encouraging me.


I don't stand up for myself when I should.

Staying quiet is way less scary

But you make me braver. 

You may not have changed the common colour of my eyes

But you sparked a fire in them

That makes them shine brighter than ever.

Maybe it sounds silly

Or insignificant to other people 

But everything just makes sense when you're there 

You heighten my happiness 

And brighten my entire world 

You bring excitement into my simple life

I love you baby :)

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