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Breathing in False Colours

O Roman Goddess Venus, Greek Goddess Aphrodite

O Roman Goddess Venus, Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

Do you hear my whisper? Perhaps I speak to quietly.

Together you encompass love, passion and beauty.

Qualities I so desire, that which I seek profusely.

I hold a mirror up, in the hope that I may see.

The virtues you both do hold reflecting into me.

But I fear when I look, the mirror will be darkened.

And inside I'll find my heart to be hardened.

What is love anyway, does anybody know?

Just because one claims it, this does not make it so.

A string of pearls around one's neck, a touch of tenderness.

Enchanting though the sentiment, still brings to me no rest.

If love is all forgiving, why then do I find this hard?

To live with you and your demons, in here this façade.

Breathing in false colours, with each day that does dawn.

A masquerade of covers to help shield the storm.

If this is love why does it hurt?

Why does it cause such pain?

The promise of love I fear,

Now dwindling in the rain.

O Roman Goddess Venus, Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

Do you hear my whisper? Perhaps I speak to quietly.

Share with me your wisdom do.

That I may find my way.

For to not know the taste of love,

My heart will remain the same. 

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Joanne Macdermott
Joanne Macdermott

Hi all I'm here because I love to rhyme and play with words, sharing pieces of myself through my writes, helps me heal the wounds that have cut deep, enticing me to push through and meet the real me within. Pain really is a beautiful thing.

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Breathing in False Colours
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