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Breathe In, You Are yet Alive

Find your joy, let it fill your soul, let it brighten even the darkest corners of your mind.

Breath ine, you are yet alive.

Seems like a weary thought sometimes.

How easy was that to hear when you were five.

Hear you heart beating in steady rhymes.

When, in a pool of despair, you dive.

And it seems like that everything of you it defines.

Listen to your heartbeat and hear it thrive.

So can you, believe in desperate times.

Your demons, against you, they connive.

Don’t listen to them, let me advise.

Pondering, to this conclusion I arrive.

To choose your joy first is not a crime.

Remember my words, carry them inside

When your demons make your mind a place of wartime.

A plan you must devise.

What you’re going through is, yes, a hard time.

Yourself, hope you must not deprive

For happiness is oh so sublime.

And you deserve more than just to survive.

No wrong you’ve done to have to apologize

Let the hate from others become only but a drive

Be joyful, let not despair keep you in confines

That youthful joy, you’ll find a way to revive

This life may become taxing otherwise.

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Breathe In, You Are yet Alive
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