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Got me feeling some type of way

Don't know If I'll ever be the same

Wake up

It's a new day

Do the same shit every fucking day

Do the same shit in a new way

Got me feeling some type of way

Yeah the type of way

Where you wanna slit your wrist

And be done with it

Waking up everyday

Wondering why I am this way

I'll never be the same again

Left by all my friends

Counted out in groups 

That shits Got me down man

That's why I'd rather hangout with myself 

Just me and myself by myself 

Fuck everyone else 

Yeah fuck everyone else 

Me and myself

I can't even feel myself


I can't even feel myself

I need some mental help

For my mental health

Using alcohol to forget 

Using pills to forgive 

Isolating myself from everyone 

Damn son

Just me and myself fuck everyone else

Don't need anyone anyways

They seem to never stay anyway

Just let it go


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