Breath... Exhaled

"A sweet rush of symphony to swell within dreams..."

A breath


Let loose to creep to the crack of wood surrounding

That nighttime window, cloaked in dark as it


To travel outwards along

The song of the wind

It flows from me, sleeping, lost

In that limbo between days,

Without end

Always flying away

To lift to skies I cannot travel

In form, simply thought

up and out

Taking the forever road of


The sky and stars illuminate

The silk mist of breath as it flows along the breeze

Of forever.

Grasping the taste of the the world, drawn to it's touch

Creeping through cities and towns

Afield and afar, the touch of a leafs final dance

The spray from sprinklers set to nourish

The nighttime

Mingles with the laughter from the open door of a club.

Catching the flavor of stories and emotions

of life

Yet a small thread connects

ever connects it

To myself, not awake yet not unaware

Brings it back in

A sweet rush of symphony to swell within dreams

on a



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Breath... Exhaled
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