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Break Down

A poem I wrote while suffering severe depression in 2013.

Wounded and weary,

I fall to my knees.

Crying, you hear me,

But pay me no heed.

I bleed from the outside,

Shatter and break.

Nothing, I can't hide,

For my life's own sake.

The cuts become crimson,

My tears freeze over.

This world is my prison,

And Death is my lover.

I scream out for mercy,

But no one will listen.

Dear Lord forgive me,

I just can't take it in.

One final gasp,

A cry for redemption.

A hand for me to grasp,

As I fall into oblivion.

Once more I die,

And become black inside.

"Father forgive me!" I cry,

But the rules I don't abide.

I wish it was over,

And I was six feet under.

Don't cry when I'm gone,

For I won't need your tears.

Breaking down, you see me,

And ignore my pain.

One of these days,

You will feel the same.

And when that day comes,

I won't be there for you.

So you'll scream and cry,

Just like you left me to do.

Elizabeth Mustain
Elizabeth Mustain

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. What I write can be a bit sad, as I've suffered from depression, and honestly still fight it every day. Writing has helped a lot with it though, and hopefully, my words will be able to move you, even a little bit.

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