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Anticipated Intensity

I’m in bewilderment and awe.

Yet you scare me and intimidate me in a way that’s so refreshing when I’m in your presence.

Every time you leave, a part of you remains.

I want to be closer to you, but there’s a part of me that’s pushing you away.

You shattered the walls of my perceived insecurities.

I’ve let go of boundaries that I thought no one could break.

I feel so weak when I’m locked in your embrace.

Nobody has been able to break down my towers the way that you have.

I never had hoped for the future like this before.

I am seeing myself in a new light that I have been forced to deny in the past.

Breaking a curse that your lips helped unravel.

The taste of heaven has put out the flames of heaven that I was enduring.

The anticipated intensity will break when I am with you again.

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