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A Ride Before Sleep

It's a Myth that individuals swallow 8 spiders a year* so don't worry where this little guy is!  *according to Scientific American

I think I'm more like a cat and my husband is a corpse. Lying in bed, he falls asleep so fast and I lay scanning the room, twiddling my fingers. My mind wanders to many different and obscure ideas, thoughts and tasks for right now, tomorrow and the future.

I bring my hands together as if to pray only to bring my index fingers to my mouth with my lips pursed in a pensive state, almost looking as if I'm about to get into some kind of trouble but the genius idea (that would have made millions) fluttered out of my mind before I could twitch a muscle in my little pinky to even attempt to reach for a pen and paper to start my business plan... or was it the business name? Ahh! Gasp for air!

Now I'm all backwards! So I bring my thumbs together and rest them under my chin. How easy to snipe out shadows on the wall right now as I take aim; here, there and in that corner. What was I thinking about again? Yes, I had lines of a poem I wanted to remember which I told to myself the night before as I was falling asleep (or was I doing this?).

I bring my hands back together (incidentally, this has now become their thinking stage) my fingertips are drumming against one another respectively and in rhythm, I might add. Although if one skips a beat, the others pause to regroup. This isn't allowed long because hands and fingers are impatient with one another and have this unwritten understanding that without at least one part...the other just isn't at 100%. So now these fingertips attempt to be patient while getting this finger on finger rhythm pat down.

Right, lines of a poem...

And then blankets of blankness! My mind went dark on me just like the room I'm in. The only light is the dim blueish harmful rays exuding from my electronic device. Ugh!

And a quick brightness flickers but only in my mind's eye.

Okay, it needs work but here's a quick rough draft from bed...

Unwanted Spider in my Shirt

Frozen in crippling fear

Terrorist captivating me for mere minutes

Over the slightest of movements .

Weightless creeping invasion so near

Fear Paralysis lasting maybe .04 seconds

Before your shock waves sense the invasion.

You swipe at the attack zone,

And hold position.

Paranoia has set in already.

You think you feel a tiny movement under your shirt.

You're splitting time in milliseconds trying to rationalize;

Was my shirt just settling due to my breathing


Is there a spider on the back of my shoulder?

You still want to feel tough about this so...

Forcefully Brush your shoulder again for the extra measure.

Although your mind is really going full metal on you, making you think there's either a spider on you or possibly it's on the bed.

Fight or flight instincts kick in with these terrors now!

Jump out of the bed and save yourself!

It's possible that only two minutes have gone by but it feels like wartime.

You jump outta bed...rip off the shirt and get a new one... but that's only after you do the spider dance first.

You all know the spider dance!

The one where you Shake your arms out, shake your hair with your hands first but then continue to shake your head, knees come up to your chest. All the while your hands and arms are simultaneously shaking and rubbing every part of your body it can reach to make sure nothing is attached AND you do at least three circles all while making funny faces and noises.

Your high school PE teacher would be most proud of those calisthenics!

Oh, no spider was found.

Was it the shirt settling or do we need to research this more?

Not tonight I'm thinking I feel tired now.

Glad it wasn't this one!

Photo Creds: ArtworkByM

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Mel Rein
Mel Rein

I enjoy reading, writing and art. Life is a mystery to me but I feel that every path we walk is for a reason so learn from it and move on so one day you can share your story and reach someone who may be struggling or needs a laugh.

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