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“Boys Will Be Boys”

For Those Who Can See

It’s a scary time for the guys out there,

Being accused of horrid things,

Yes, very scary time,

For the boys and the men.

But can you tell me when and why,

It became so scary for girls to go outside?

We can’t go to stores,

To the park,

Or any clubs.

Sometimes not in our own homes.

Too afraid of the outcome.

It doesn’t matter what we wear,

We can’t go out in the dark,

We fear for assault that you’ll take as a joke.

Go ahead and take these things lightly,

Laugh it off and blame the victims for walking.

Because “boys will be boys,”

And you poor gentlemen...

How dare you be caught for a crime you committed!

I’m sorry!

or am I mistaken? 

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“Boys Will Be Boys”
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