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Born an Angel in Heaven

Happy birthday little bro.

Happy 14th Birthday little Bro.
If only I could've met you, we'd be celebrating together today.
Although I don't believe in heaven or hell, I hope to be wrong,
for a chance to meet you one day.

I can’t help but feel every now and again you look down on us,
and give us that little nudge to keep us going.
Thinking about you looking down is what makes me strive to do better.
After all, I’d hate to give you a disappointing show.

We never knew you, but I hope to.
Maybe one day we’ll meet up there,
catch up on everything we missed out on while
taking in heavens light air.

And you never know,
maybe a few years after that. 
We'll sit down as a family, all of us and
laugh all the bad days away. 

But until then, please stay with us up there.
I know at times we may be petty, and we may be cruel,
hey we’re not perfect. But I guess that’s why we
weren’t fast-tracked to heaven.

Love ya, little bro,

Brad Jay xx

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Born an Angel in Heaven
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