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Border Crossing

We all cross. We are all forced from our place of origin.

Border crossings are terrifying

Be they borders

The borders between two countries
between two states
between two cities
between adolescence & adulthood
between love & hate
between acceptance & non-acceptance
between the known & unknown

Border crossings are confrontations with the binary
Between one thing and the Other

They’re all created—perceived, imagined
Some wrought into physical existence
Some etched in lawbooks
Some renamed

Border crossings require help
Guides who will navigate
When we need them
Gaps where we can pass through
Welcome on the other side
Some providential assistance
So we may finally pass

To be made to cross the border alone
To be met on the other side with resistance or fear or hatred or imprisonment or worse
Is a death sentence

Those brave enough to cross alone
Or who cross
Knowing what fears awaits them
Are heroes

Border crossings are terrifying enough
And none of us exempt
We all cross
We all are forced from our place of origin.

—Laura Dickinson-Turner