Boogeymen in My Closets

A Haunted Twist on a Classic Children’s Prayer

Boogeymen In My Closets:


Now I lay me down to sleep

Beneath my bed I dare not peek.

Under the covers my head to take

Tuck'd up tight until morning's break.


Second night I'm down to sleep

Still under the bunk I would not peek.

The Moon shall shine it's dimming light

Keeping me safe right through the night.

II i/ ii.

…Hopefully, if I do survive

The monsters will not take me alive.

-R. Welborne. 4-4-16

Robyn Welborne
Robyn Welborne

I am an aspiring creative writer who is currently working for my double Associate’s degree in English. My writing has no limits and no filter. Anything and everything from all genres; if I think about it, then I will write it down. Enjoy!

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Boogeymen in My Closets