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& Love

Blue & Love

I think I started to realize I didn't love you any more when you stared into my eyes like the universe was in them and when I looked into yours all I could do was admire the color. The way the blue looked like the summer sky when you said that you loved me and heard me (mindlessly) say it back. And how they looked like the ocean, deep, and dark when I said I didn't want to be yours anymore. And how when you cried...  They were as bright and blue as the butterfly that landed on your shoulder on our third date. And when I said I'd give us another shot... I saw the sky again. 

I fell out of love all because of the colors of your eyes, but they brought me back to you. And I could never thank the ocean and that butterfly enough. Loving you is blue, it is as free as the butterfly, as mysterious as the ocean and as extensive as the sky. 

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