Blood Cells

Sort of a Poem

For the purpose of this poem, Id like to let you know.

 I'm NO EXPERT in biology or anatomy. 

But for the purpose of this poem Id like to express the hurt of betrayal in whats supposed to be family.

My white blood cells fight like yours.

My blue cells have failed me for loving you.

Because they have traveled in my arteries keeping me alive.


This hearts big enough, that's why I'm an organ donor 

BUT as time passes I'm becoming more of a loner.

I'm the owner of the disbelief of knowing all the bad you've wished upon me while I thought you loved me.

But if you loved me why would you lie to me.

Laugh it out loud when you hide my keys, talk to the man you told me to stop caring for, tell me to get out your bed and you say

"I don't know where you've been"

You look at me like I'm worthless.

I look at me and see my purpose.

So when your cells give up on you, I hope you remember me. 

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Blood Cells