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Blissful​ Desire


The Sun dim rays touch the tips of her breast 

Her wings are as large as the infinite sky

With every flap of her wing the wind obeys

The sun seduces her long golden hair 

The castles bows to her unearthly beauty 

The sky astonished by her lust 

Indeed even the universe itself was enchanted by her image 

And I at my knees witness and worships this divine beauty

So does the moon and stars wounded her stunning silhouette 

A Supreme goddess of all mankind

Saint of all the angels 

Of all the goddess 

Blessing the Earth, 

Blessing the wind, 

Blessing the sky, 

Blessing  all that is Beautiful

My mind and heart chases after her 

 To capture just one piece of her 

To last for a moment or

To last for a life time 

In a trance my eyes quiver

My arms and legs are shaking

Not knowing the difference between admiration 

or fear 

I love 

I desire 

I lost   

J A Miller
J A Miller

Hello there! Im Jordan I am a college student in upstate NY. I am studying theatre in hoping to become a playwright and an author. I am using vocal to help me better improve my writting skills. Thank You!

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Blissful​ Desire
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