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Blind Perception

Written Sept. 28th, 2009

The sun never sets for a blind man

And never dawns a new day.

A broken clock tells the time

But he'll never see the minutes pass

Or watch his life escape.

He'll never know when the candle fades

And he's left to fend for himself.

He can hear the screams and smell the fear

But is immune to the sight of destruction.

Even if he bore a smile

He'd fail to witness the scene.

The constant exposure to darkness

Envelopes him into an abyss of loneliness

Within his shadowed heart

And clouded mind.

He gets misty eyes as he blankly stares

Into the hollow conscience

Of the world unbeknownst to him

And realizes what we fail to see.

We are no better than a blind man

If we refuse to see 

What's right in front of us.

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Blind Perception
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