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Crushed dreams served by the elite.

Reign in the mist of paradise

Where lust, money and envy shower the throne

The shadow of immorality dawns upon the streets

Power lies in the hands of the most prosperous

More or less the weak tangle in the foul darkness of death

Only those who can open their eyes to see will see

Those who look beyond what is and freely accept;

Surely, most of those who try to prevent self-destructon will surive

Because weakness lurks in all shapes and sizes

Hiding behind others; fighting battles without a heart

There is a struggle that even the king cannot interupt

What troop can paralyze what is to come

Even the populace is incapable of isolation of the future

Destiny is solely unadorned

Simple as it may be we still ignore the traces of her tracks

Recklessly blinded by the sweet tragedies of sin

Absorbed in a trance that death has embraced upon the vulnerable

The journey has marked its terroritory

A course only suitable for the elite

Once prompted we all need to be ready

Tomorrow is closer than you think

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Sandy Jackson
Sandy Jackson

I'm a mother in SFla with an 11 year old son. I'm writing a memoir of my life. I have a whole gang of poems and stuff that I never got off my chest and published. I wanted to do a book but I really need some feedback on what I have so far. 

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