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Look Harder

...And lived happily ever after,

The end,

But are we really going to pretend, 

Like we don’t feel pain from within,

With our hands held high before the chaplain,

Screaming in my head “what the hell happened,”

Please just stop this madness,

Before I leave 2K for Madden,

And fly away with my true love like Aladdin,

I know that didn’t make any sense,

Exactly like what the media feeds us; it’s just a glimpse,

Awareness is peaking,

They don’t want us thinking,

Both water and air so clear so how will I know when I’m sinking,

But anyway,

It’s a new day,

I can see now the deception in the shade,

Ask questions,

Think for yourself,

And listen to your heart at night,

‘Cause we all know if it ain’t right,

Then it ain’t right.

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