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Covered by its own iniquity

Covered by its own family

Distanced from darkness

Contained from naiveness

the warmth of the blanket is the wisdom

and the colors of the blanket are the emotions,

It changes and it continues to grow throughout its life

every demon that intervenes, leaves a scratch on the hem

only healing it from prayers.

Every blessing that was fulfilled left a symbol,

a mark of joy, a mark on faith

every door that was open sewed a new path 

every door that was closed left a mark 

that could never be cleaned off.

The king would train the child on its abilities

The queen would create the blanket for it's on representation

The blanket contains the mistakes, the struggles, the adversaries

the choices, the accomplishments that the child goes through.

The blanket is the child's life.

Only the child would know how great it will become.

Elisha Cutter
Elisha Cutter

A creative enthusiast with the passion for graphic illustration, footwear design, dancing, and poetic writing. My words are accurate towards my life and what's going on in the society I live in. 

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