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Blank Book

Lessons Between the Lines

when I was in third grade
they gave us blank hardcover books
so we could write on them
but I considered it a prized possession
and didn't want to mess it up with my words
and so I decided to leave it blank 
until I thought of something really good to put inside

eight years later
I find myself confused as ever before
why hadn't I filled the book in then
like the other kids?
what a thrill it would have been
to rediscover my youthful scribbles
and witness the excitement
in my nine-year-old handwriting 
that graffiti'd the blank canvas of the page!

instead I'm left
with an empty piece of my childhood
waiting to be found.

you can't fill in the gaps when it's too late.

and eight years later
I realize that gracious gift I valued
was not really a waste
after all these years.

the unfilled pages are
how I've been living my life,
forever waiting for something perfect
to come along
before I can truly live.

it is only after
crossing paths with the book
that I understand:

you can't worry
about being
"good enough"
before you do

because your life is
too short
too precious
to sit



I should have filled the pages with
poorly drawn cartoons,
bad poetry, and
awful storytelling,
leaving no space
b l a n k.

and life should be full of
humurous mistakes,
terrible puns,
and wild tales 
your grandchildren will ask you to tell
over and over and
brag to their friends about.

leave no second
of life explored.

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Blank Book
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