Joshua Lino-da Costa
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Blame Game

For you to feel as you feel right

I don’t know how I am feeling now

All I know is that it feels good.

I’m looking back now at where I once stood

Head down, hiding under a damp hood

Soaked by the rain;

Just focusing on the pain

Running through every vein in my body

Staining every move I make.

Blocking every new lane I try I take

And every decision I make.

Making my laugh and smile seem fake

As I try to go on for my own sake

And now the rain comes down as flakes.

But as it gets colder

I get bolder as I find a new shoulder

To cry on as its stronger than a boulder

When it can’t break.

So I’ve found my new aim

To go longer and further in this life game

As I block out the pain and ignore the shame

That grew inside of the vicious flame

That engulfs every blame that befell me

As I found for myself that others point at you

Because blame is the game they use to hide their own shame.

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Blame Game
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