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Black Soul

"You are the epitome of gold..."

You are the epitome of gold

Refusing to seem old in this world so cold

It's solely you who keeps the power in your role

You roll thru the tolls and pay the whole price

You create your own luck as you roll the dice

Took hits not twice, but too many times

You're the reason for my rhythm as I write these rhymes

I think about the power of our bulletproof rage

The awareness we bring proves the world is our stage

Tried to keep us in a cage, now mentally too

Used and left us on the shelves to make us waste ourselves too

Made us feel we have no wealth, in life’s value we do

Y'all can keep trying, you know who I'm talking to

Thru anything we STILL take you to a higher level

In everything we do, we put the pedal to medal

Level headed not always, cause some days are rough

We coulda changed our ways if y'all didn't make it too tough

Enough is enough we've said for too long

& Y'all still don't see what the hell you do wrong?

We don't have much when we compare shit to you

And you still take from us, what the hell did we do?

The one thing you can't take, is the fact that we build

And we'll keep building up, no matter how many you kill

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Black Soul
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