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Black Sheep

A representation that those waiting in the abyss of the madness are ready to be heard. The voiceless now have choices that cannot be stopped.

Illustration of providence native spoken word artist, Africia Ben, in front of well know restaurant Black Sheep, located in downtown Providence,RI

Black Sheep

You hear them discussing dollars for lives?

That's how our family tithes look now.

Each life booked in advance; that grudges lent to the next hand can't shook—down.

While heavenly seated are the lenses given at birth.

So, the mouth and the feet created in the same delicate frame play dirty to the work.

Now we stand engaged and convinced by multiple generations.

Who's armed with forces held captive to a plan titled "Generation Disconnect".

Ain't reality just scorching?

To forgetful like the minimal under watch with merciless intent.

Then, left to look up to the burdened faces 

granted as head of the table 

waving the white flag.

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Black Sheep
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