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Black Sand beach

Human Memory

Upon a black sand beach we stood

And stared up at the summer sun

And I glanced around as far I could

But as hard as I looked I could see no one

So as the sun was sinking low

And me with nothing else to do

I began a journey but being quite slow

I doubted I'd get very far from you

And indeed after all my legs were quite short

And I soon found my self all tired and hoarse

But you laughed at me happily thinking it sport

And with tears in my eyes I got back on my course

But soon once again I fell flat on my face

And the grains of the beach were all salty and black

But as hard I struggled I couldn't find space

To get on my feet, or my front, or my back

And soon with a smile you came over too

And I with a glare and a pout gave at last

And with your big arms you pulled me to you

With a sigh and and a grunt I let go of the past

And that little girl on the black sands of time

Faded to nothing till what came before

Was hurriedly shoved in some closet sublime

In my subconscious were it could surface no more

But still I think back to the days of the past

Where I'd live if I could endlessly still

Escaping the endless cycle at last

And the horrors of days that need to be filled

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Black Sand beach
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