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Black Lives

As I sit here I wonder...

By Latoia Dunn 

As I sit here I wonder if others understand why it's a must that we instill in others that black lives really matter

I mean as if blacks actually matter in a society that teaches others they don't

In fact if I'm being completely honest in America we aren't even really valued and barely matter at all

I get it when you constantly say blacks don't value black lives it's like you easily handed the officer the gun for those unarmed blacks who are constantly targeted and gunned down by him which later caused those unarmed blacks to die

It's almost as if you are saying those unarmed victims who have now turned into dead black bodies are the ones at fault as you boldly defend that officer and he continues to deceive millions by wearing that badge of honor because he is protected by the system's laws

As if the unarmed black person didn't cry out loud hands up please don't shoot yet the officer says hands up shut up you're black so I have to shoot because it's what he's been taught

Isn't it odd how you ignore the 1.8 billion people of color who are already setup to be prey to a systematic system that is merely corrupt and created to lead them astray??

As if the extermination of the black population wasn't already planned by planned parenthood because they were planning for quite some time to kill us off and have majority of us enslaved

Or those prisons weren't governed by systemic laws to have us be equivalent as statistics who remain systematically oppressed as we continue to walk into prisons as the new modern slaves

And wait we have been taught to Willie lynch ourselves yet you scream everyone is beautiful as if aren't berated mocked and racially degraded to the point that even if we express self-love it's frowned upon and seen as hate

Telling us to get over slavery or this new modern-day slavery as if you yourselves have shared the same exact struggle when majority of you can't even phantom our inner pain

Yeah you can't even relate

Yet you feel as if you have the right to tell us how to talk walk and think

and history continues to repeat itself as you continue to conquer divide destroy and claim a history that was never yours to have rewrite or even claim

It is us who are the most discriminated racially profiled and dehumanized and for this reason alone I will never stop fighting and instilling in millions why it's a must that we value black lives...

Latoia Dunn
Latoia Dunn

Just someone who hopes to inspire others with my words and gifts one day.




Self Publisher 

Books I've published: Fame Or Love, Love Over Fame and Poetic Voice on Wattpad.  All rights reserved ©2018 

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Black Lives
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