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Black Hearted Mermaid

A Poem

Black black black

Her heart was blackest black

Before she met the god with a

Heart of gold and marbles in his mouth

She had marbles in her mouth and so

Found this quite alluring


Her heart was blackest black

This Germanic god, she met him and all at once fell in some

Sort of love that was not like what she had before

Scary thing, this was


Her heart was blackest black and

Little by little this silent god she named Odin

He turned her black heart

A medley of pink and red and purple

She was the mermaid queen

And he this tall gigantic god, this


Everyone knows the heart of a mermaid is quite cold

He warmed her heart without trying

And though she did yes, push away at times

She realized now

She did so out of fear

Fear of her heart that she saw turning pink

She realized he had his own sort of love

Not the flowers and romance she'd seen before that

Flitters away in an instant

She realized this now. She was okay with who he was, she

Finally saw


Finally understood

How he spake the words, "I am fond of you"

For he did not say them in flowers and chocolates

He said them in other ways


Now she gets it

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Black Hearted Mermaid
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