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Black Girl Loves a White Boy

The Struggle of Loving Through Racial Barriers

Black girl loves a white boy. He loves her too.

 Their love was once forbidden; it didn’t matter how true. 

White boy who loves a black girl, understand the life you live. How it differs from hers and how 
little you have to give…to be accepted, to be heard, to be viewed as important. In her eyes 
fighting isn’t even worth it.

 She’s tired and weary like a runner sprinting in a race; her stamina is fading you can see it in 
her face. She can’t see the finish line because no progress has been made. 

It’s up to you now; it’s up to you to take her place
. The game your people created? The Game needs to stop. It’s only fun for those who get to play 
from the top.

Black girl who loves a white boy, put your faith in his heart. His love for you is a good start.
 Soon your pain will become his, he’ll make it his own; he’ll want to take it away because he 
knows that it’s wrong.

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Black Girl Loves a White Boy
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