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Bikini Haiku

What's more poetic than a beautiful woman in a bikini?

Paying tribute to the hottest bikini beauties in Haiku style

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Summer is nearly upon us, and that means one thing: Bikinis!

A beautiful woman in a bikini is enough to stir the poetry in any man's soul.

So, why Haiku?


It's a tough job, but

Somebody's got to do it

May as well be me...

Suddenly, I'm Feeling Patriotic...

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

And, ain't it funny?

Somehow, I don't mind if she

Desecrates the flag

A Hawaiian Eruption...

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Maybe she is why

Kilaueu blew its stack?

(My "Big Bang" theory...)

Just a Little "Selfiesh"...

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Some girls are lucky

They can't help but look sexy

At any angle

Hotter Than The Sun...

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Rare is the Woman

Who can wear any color

And make it her own

When It comes To Skimpy Bikinis...

One thing is for sure

We can count ourselves lucky

That one size fits all

Bonus Bikini Haiku: Thank You, Dear Lord...

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

For the color blue

And, of course, silky nylon

And, oh yeah, Boobies...

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Reid Moore
Reid Moore

I am a Freelance Writer living in Riverside California who writes on a wide variety of topics including News, Politics, Popular Culture, Science, Music, Poetry and Art.

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