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"Mon Cheri," he whispers to me into the dead of the night.

Love knows no bounds 

His touch is like a drug and I come alive 

"Mon Cheri," he whispers to me into the dead of the night 

His voice is like a lullaby, a magnet luring me out of my slumber 

He desires something he cannot have...longing for attention..

pleading with his eyes

In hopes that I give into the hunger I have for him 

I cannot deny the ache in my heart when I am away from him, yet 

I cannot pine over someone so complicated 

You crave my essence one day and fight it tomorrow 

Conflicted is what you are 

Anxious of the decision I have yet to make 

Will I be with you for eternity while fighting the demons within me...

or can I fight this battle and set aside my love for another time? 

Decisions must be made, closure needs to be addressed 

But what more can I do when I am a constant war with myself. 

I do not want to run my lover away with my past, my imperfections 

my skeletons

And yet I still crave him like a moth to a flame 

The question still remains... is he going to fight against our love or give in 

to addiction 

It is only a matter of time before the drug settles in or the darkness takes 


Will I be your opioid or will I be what you fear the most...

Loving someone so much that it may break you 

Take me with you and be my dark butterfly in the night 

And I will be your raven in the daylight 

A protector, lover, my fix, my beloved 

You and I can no longer run away from the truth. 

We are destined to be. Don't run from a curse and a blessing. 


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