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Best Friends (Come to an End)

Guy chooses a girl over his best friend who's a girl.

You told me you cared.

You promised me you'd always be there.

You held me close when I was scared.

You wiped my tears away when I cried.

Now all of that is ending.

You’re leaving our friendship on the ground.

You walked away.

Now all I have to say is.

Is she worth it?

Was she worth losing your best friend over?

I hope you’re both happy.

I hope you made the right choice.

You left the only one who would always be there

You left the only one who really cared.

You left the only one who would have never left your side

Are you sure you want to go?

Are you sure you want to leave all of us behind?

If it was me I'd rather be blind.

I would never want to lose my best friend.

I'd make sure my "other" knew.

Understood we were just friends.

Made sure they were ok with my "other"

If they weren’t then I'd say goodbye.

Because my friends are more important.

Just listen to my words.

Make sure you understand.

That a friend is more than holding her hand.

And that no matter what I'm still going to be here.

So, after all this, tell me

Is she still worth it?

Is she still worth losing a best friend over?

Is it still happiness without your best friend?

Is this still the right choice?

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Best Friends (Come to an End)
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